21 May 2018
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Romanian subway fares freeze for 2 years

09 June 16 |
Currently a ticket for two rides costs almost €1, one for ten trips costs €4.4, and a daily pass has the price of €1.7.

Mercur shopping center was refurbished and resumes operations

02 June 16 |
SIF Oltenia financed the refurbishment work through a combination of banking loans, bonds, and capital increase.

Property transactions soar in Romania

01 June 16 |
In April, the number of deals reached 85,000, down almost 5,000 compared to March.

1M Serbian tourists are expected in Greece this year

17 May 16 |
Serbian ambassador said that many Serbians that would otherwise have gone to Turkey will now choose Greece for their holidays.

Prinos oil production jumps to 4.000bpd

06 May 16 |
Energean Oil & Gas announced that their investments had more than doubled oil production in Greece.

RE/MAX opens new offices in Bucharest

06 May 16 |
In Romania, the company manages 120 agents and 19 offices.

Dublin treaty is changing to handle extreme flows and impose fines

04 May 16 |
If a member state refused to welcome refugees, it would have to pay an amount to each member state as a 'solidarity levy'.

Historical buildings in Romania will be refurbished

26 April 16 |
Local authorities will be able to impose an extraordinary tax to the buildings’ owners for ten years and co finance the works.

Construction work in Romania jumps 5,1% in February

21 April 16 |
In comparison, construction work dropped by 0.4% in the European Union during the same month.

New residential estates in Bucharest to soar to 14.000 in 2016

21 April 16 |
The absorption rate estimated at 75% this year. It doesn’t take more than nine months to sell the new homes.
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