22 June 2018

Former ELSTAT head found guilty over data breach case

01 August 17 - RE+D Magazine
Former ELSTAT head found guilty over data breach case



A three-member Appeals Court ruled on Tuesday over a breach of duty charge raised against the former head of Greece’s statistical bureau (ELSTAT), Andreas Georgiou.


The court concluded today’s session after the prosecutor requested a guilty verdict, accepting the charges filed against the former chief statistician.

According to the charge, Georgiou maintained for four months (August to November 2020) after his appointment as head of ELSTAT his former position in the International Monetary Fund and did not convene the body’s board of directors.

As a result of the later part of the charge, the revised deficit data for 2009 were published without the approval of the other board members.

The new trial was launched after the prosecutor appealed against a recent acquittal of Georgiou.


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