25 April 2018
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Entersoft announces 12,4% increase in revenue for 2017

07 March 18 |
Entersoft and its subsidiary Retail Link managed to claim larger market shares in 2017 despite the fact that total demand in the market remained flat.

HFSF issues guidelines for Greek banks

06 March 18 |
“HFSF has the objective to contribute to the maintenance of the stability of the Greek banking system, for the sake of the public interest,” the fund said.

Attica Bank ambitious to undertake fundamental role in Greek banking

06 March 18 |
The implementation of a development policy for SMEs depends mostly on bank financing and Attica Bank has taken this strategic decision to have an active role in this sector.

1.150 Piraeus Bank Clerks made themselves redundant

06 March 18 |
There was a high response rate to the programme because of the satisfactory incentives offered to workers as the bank sought to adjust.

Jumbo reports 10,22% jump in sales

06 March 18 |
Greek stores’ sales rose slightly despite a decline in the school season, while sales in Cyprus grew around 5%.

Greek interest rates' spreads widens to 4,74% in January

05 March 18 |
The overall weighted average interest rate on all new loans to households and corporations increased by 12 basis points to 5.03%.

Moody's: loosening of capital controls in Greece a credit positive event

05 March 18 |
In a report, the credit rating agency said that "the improving economic outlook of Greece allowed a loosening of capital controls and possibly will strengthen a still weak confidence in banks.

Railway routes cancellations in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras

05 March 18 |
According to the Panhellenic Railway Employees Federation, three-hour work stoppages will be held on Monday.

Home insurance practices jump in Greece

05 March 18 |
Based on the statistical study of the claims’ evolution over the last five years, it appears that, on average, the claims increase by the end of the second year at a rate of 1.92.

EWG approves €5,7B disbursement for Greece

02 March 18 |
This will pave the way to the release of the first sub-tranche of €5.7 billion in the second half of March.
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