22 March 2018
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ECB lowers Greek ELA ceiling

10 January 18 |
The Greek central bank said in an announcement that the reduction in the ELA ceiling was 2.8 billion euros.

Plastic money use in Greece hits new record high

09 January 18 |
Average daily card transactions were up 74% in the December 24-31 period while average daily value was down 24%.

National Bank invests €2,3M via Business Seeds

09 January 18 |
NBG Business Seeds has already completed investments in Insybio, itbooms, PD Neurotechnology, Goodvidio, Covve,, and Fieldscale.

The majority of Greek civil servants participated job assessments

09 January 18 |
The ministry said that an electronic platform for assessment data, which will be part of the Human Resources Management System is expected this year.

HRADF promotes concession of the 10 largest ports

09 January 18 |
The agency has already completed a first round of talks with possible concessionaires.

Delta Techniki issues €6,5M bond

08 January 18 |
The green bond issued by Delta Techniki will be used basically to fund the company's investment programme in "green" economy.

SEV: changing our growth model still a challenge for 2018

05 January 18 |
The union said Greece is significantly lagging behind other EU countries in the adoption of circular economy models.

Strong interest for shipping business establishments in Piraeus

05 January 18 |
According to the ministry, 290 shipping companies have requested set-up licenses in the last 3 years.

Corinth Pipeworks inks deal for construction in Finland

05 January 18 |
The project, which includes building steel pipes for the 77 km long pipeline, is one of the largest projects in the region.

ELVALHALCOR inks deal for 50% stake in NEDZINK

04 January 18 |
NedZink has been operating since 1973 in the rolling of titanium zinc, originally with the trade name "Kempensche Zinc Company”.
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