22 March 2018
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NBG reports 11% increase in operating profits

23 November 17 |
The bank said domestic deposits grew by €500 million on a quarterly basis and by €1.2 billion since 2015.

Airbnb-type platforms have to be part of a lease index

23 November 17 |
The Shared Economy Association said that house leases through an Airbnb-type electronic platforms have to be registered in the official short-term lease index.

FIABCI Global Summit to be held in Athens

22 November 17 |
This year the two days summit aims to provide insight on investment trends from leaders of the international real estate community.

HRADF announces 2 more marina tenders

22 November 17 |
HRADF said the duration of the concession for both marinas will be for at least 35 years.

Greece aims at a 2,5% growth rate

22 November 17 |
Next year’s budget, the last to be tabled in the framework of the memorandum, foresees the primary surplus will exceed a 3.5% of GDP.

Value of Greek exports jumps 13,3%

21 November 17 |
According to PEA, the total value of exports, including oil products, increased in the first nine months of 2017, to €20.82 billion.

Moody's: Greek swap will only affect PSI bonds' liquidity

21 November 17 |
The credit rating agency, in an announcement, said that the bond swap plan will not affect Greek debt and its average maturity in general terms.

HRADF relaunches two tenders

20 November 17 |
Both tenders will be conducted in two phases: in the first phase, HRADF invites investors to express interest in each marina within a specific timeframe.

Fofi Gennimata the new Center-left party leader

20 November 17 |
The voters' turnout reached approximately 160,000.

Athens Medical Association donates sanitary material

17 November 17 |
The Association also decided to support financially the doctors whose clinics suffered damages following the floods.
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