22 July 2018

2016 was the year that solar power grew faster than any other fuel

04 October 17 - RE+D Magazine
2016 was the year that solar power grew faster than any other fuel


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Solar power blossomed faster than for any other fuel for the first time in 2016, the International Energy Agency said in a report cited by Bloomberg suggesting the technology will dominate renewables in the years ahead.


The institution established after the first major oil crisis in 1973 said 165 gigawatts of renewables were completed last year, which was two-thirds of the net expansion in electricity supply.

Solar grew by 50%, with almost half new plants built in China.

The IEA expects about 1,000 gigawatts of renewables will be installed in the next five years, a milestone that coal only accomplished after 80 years.

That quantity of electricity surpasses what’s consumed in China, India and Germany combined. The U.S. and India are among other nations pushing renewables.

They along with China are projected to make up two-thirds of the clean-energy expansion worldwide.

Electric vehicles numbers will double by 2022, but biofuels will still make up 93 percent of renewables consumed in the transport industry, the IEA estimates.

The fuels are needed especially for heavier vehicles including planes and ships.


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