16 August 2018

Strongest growth in home prices observed was in Slovenia

06 October 17 - RE+D Magazine
Strongest growth in home prices observed was in Slovenia



Belgian residential property prices have more than doubled in the past 15 years in nominal terms, although growth has slowed significantly since 2011.


Residential property prices rose slightly in 2016, by 1.1%. Prices rose in Brussels (+2.7%) and Antwerp (+0.50%) but fell in Ghent (-3.2%).

This is according to the Deloitte Property Index, an annual analysis of the European residential property market. Property rental returns in Belgium are around the European average.

The sixth edition of the annual Deloitte Property Index compares the residential property markets in Europe.

According to the report the most attractive cities to invest in in terms of rental yields are in Denmark, Poland and Hungary. The cities analysed in those countries showed yields ranging between 6 and 8%.

The lowest yields are in inner London (2.0%), followed by Paris (2.8%) and Vienna (2.8%). Home prices rose in all of the countries surveyed, except for the United Kingdom (-9.0%) and Italy (-1.5%).

Strongest growth observed was in Slovenia, where prices climbed by a good 26.5%, followed by Denmark (+10.8%), Poland (+9.7%) and Hungary (+9.7%). The prices in Spain and France have increased by 4,4% and 1,4% respectively.


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