19 July 2018

You have to create the circumstances to stay in the Eurozone

30 June 15 | Wolfgang Schäuble
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German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said that it is up to Greece to avoid a Grexit and bankruptcy, adding that the country’s partners are always willing to return to the negotiating table with Athens.


Speaking to talk show “Brennpunkt” on German public broadcaster ARD, he clarified that negotiations would have to start from scratch, as the current aid programme expires on Tuesday.

He said Greeks must understand that if someone wants to stay in the euro one has to create the circumstances.

Concerning the referendum the government has called for next Sunday (July 5) over the creditors' last proposal to Greece, the minister said it is the country’s right, adding that he’s not clear on what Greeks will be voting for.

"Every nation is sovereign on which government to elect. Nobody intervenes in this from outside. We always say that this is a sovereign decision of the Greek people, as is Greece's right to hold a referendum.

That’s not even a question.

But others are committed by their own rules. You have to agree on that with the other.

And this government has ruined any trust, while it removed from the current proramme every basis,” Schaeuble noted.

The minister also said that Germany is ready to help Greece and the Greek people, but “Greece itself will have to create the conditions.”


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