19 September 2018

The plastic grocery bags levy to finance recycling initiative

08 June 18 - RE+D Magazine
The plastic grocery bags levy to finance recycling initiative


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The levy collected by the state recycling organisation from the use of plastic grocery bags will be put to use to manufacture recyclable bags, Alternate Environment and Energy Minister Socrates Famellos told Sto Kokkino radio station on Friday.


The state will "not keep a single euro in its coffers," Famellos said, but will be recycled into the economy for the manufacture of bags of cloth. "It's a disadvantage when 83 percent of materials entering the consumption cycle in Greece end up in landfills," Famellos said.

"They could return to the economy, creating new revenues and protecting the environment," he added. The levy of 0,04 euros per bag was introduced by stores in Greece in January, in agreement with a European Union directive. Thin plastic bags such as those used for fruit and vegetables are exempted.


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