23 June 2018

Towards a gigabit society

16 September 16 | Charis Broumidis
Charis Broumidis


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Consultant - GREECE

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A digitalization and transformation of the economy, accelerated by a rapid development of telecommunications and IT, are leading us to a new many promising era. In an exciting future coming to create value for citizens and enterprises. To a technological vision that wants everything to be linked with high speeds on the network. In other words, a gigabit society.


This development is supported on broadband and new general networks, on mobile devices, the Internet of things and cloud computing. The possibilities for the society are limitless, while the benefits for the economy significant.

Through digital infrastructure of hyper-fast speeds, resistant in time, these new technologies promise fund saving and a better life for everyone. Vodafone invests on these cutting-edge technologies throughout Europe with the aim to lead enterprises and households to the 21st centure.

We lead the market forward and invest where the regulatory framework supports competition and contribute on achieving EU's goals on Digital Agenda.

In Greece, Vodafone begins the implementation of an investment plan worth 500 million euros, to be completed in 2020, designed to bring the country in line with European developments and to write a new page in the domestic history of electronic communications. Vodafone leads Greece to the era of high speed. We innovate and invest, supporting digital infrastructure in the country, through cutting-edge technologies that will stand the test of time and bring modern services.

Focusing on new generation networks both mobile and fixed telephony, connecting businesses with fiber optics, store renovation, developing TV services and upgrading products and services for both households and enterprises.

Our goals is to offer the best technologies to Greek enterprises to compete in Europe on equal terms, to provide local societies with infrastructure for better services and life quality, to bring more communication and entertainment to our customers and to create opportunities for young people.

Existing infrastructure in Greece cannot serve the growing needs of the economy for high speed. The country needs a renewal of e-communication networks to "lift" the burden of a new industrial revolution of digital economy in the coming years.

A necessary precondition is a regulatory framework to support the market with different providers, offering fair access to infrastructure and equal treatment to support real competition to the benefit of citizens, ensuring that there will be no turning back to the era of monopolies.

Our investment initiative will proceed to the benefit of national economy. But it needs to take advantage of the best international practices on the development and exploitation of new generation networks, to facilitate investments.

Vodafone is a strrategic investor in Greece, creating value and believing in the country's outlook. Directly and indirectly it employs around 3,300 workers, related with 12,000 job positions in the wider economy.

By exploiting Greek know-how, our company promotes through Vodafone Group innovative services addressed to the global market. Vodafone's contribution to the economy surpassed 850 million euros last year, while our investments total 1.5 billion euros since 2008. Since 2010 we have support social actions with more than 3.7 million euros.

The company adjusted to a new economic reality and cut prices up to 50 pct in the last few years, supporting Greek consumers and upgrading and enriching its products. With strategic investments, clear strategy, competitive prices and new technologies, Vodafone shows the road for the Greek economy, towards a gigabit society.


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