20 August 2018

We need to seek a descent compromise with partners

31 March 15 | Constantine Mihalos
Constantine Mihalos



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The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EVEA) president Constantine Mihalos on Tuesday stressed the need for an agreement and decent compromise as soon as possible.


Mihalos, who was speaking at the Athens Investment Forum, organised by the Union of Listed Companies, warned about the risk of the sudden death of thousands of companies if there are further delays.

We are asking for a compromise and not a rupture that would lead 80 percent of Greeks below the poverty line while causing medicine and fuel shortages, Mihalos said and called on the partners to address the Greek crisis in a more rational way.

In the same spirit were also addressed to the forum other Greek executives and cabinet members such as:

Alternate Minister for the Environment Yiannis Tsironis who commented that: "We do not have a four-year period ahead of us, we have today and tomorrow."

The president of the Union of Listed Companies Panagiotis Drakos who asked for generous pay rises based on meritocracy as well as granting more responsibilities to public sector employees.He pointed out that businesses are not asking for incentives and tax reliefs, but for a stable tax system.

We are not far from growth, he noted, but the cabinet will not decide on which sectors will develop.


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