16 July 2018

Agreed timetable applies despite the National Elections

17 September 15 | Martin Jaeger
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The German government announced that despite the election campaign, Greece should respect the timetable for the implementation of the reforms envisaged in the third country's bailout, as well as that any government resulting from the elections must implement the agreed programme.


"I guess that very few things are proceeding," German Finance ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger said regarding reforms.

"However, the agreed timetable still applies," he added. He also underlined that the reforms provided in the third bailout will have to be implemented regardless of the new government.

"Whatever agreed with Greece is binding," he cleared out. "They cannot change because of a new government."

If during the election campaign in Greece an impression that the new government would renegotiate the economic programme was created, Jaeger stressed:

"We do not see it that way." The spokesman of the German Finance ministry did not say which candidate Berlin prefers.

"What we care for is that an efficient government is formed after the elections."


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