21 June 2018

You should remove obstacles on investing in Land & Property

30 April 15 | Reza Moghadam
Reza Moghadam


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Dimitris Andritsos

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Greece needs to simplify the institutional framework to allow investments and remove the obstacles on investing in land and property, the Vice-Chairman for Global Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley, Reza Moghadam said on Wednesday at an event organized by the Athens-based research institute IOBE.


Moghadam also said that it will be difficult to achieve high growth rates in Europe if the banking system doesn’t help, which will not happen unless the banks are not freed from their bad loans portfolios.

He also wondered if there’s a point in establishing the same fiscal architecture for all member-states regardless of their economic peculiarities in the eurozone, while he noted that job creation at a European level is discouraging.

Dirk Reinermann, the Head of the Europe and Central Asia unit at the World Bank who was also invited in the event spoke about the need to bolster the net protecting society in Greece adding that fiscal stability and growth are equally necessary preconditions which will send optimistic message to the markets.

He also said that the crisis and recession in Greece were the biggest in the last century at an international level and pointed to the poverty indexes.



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