20 June 2018

Doubting Schengen Treaty subverts European solidarity

03 December 15 | Dimitris Avramopoulos
Dimitris Avramopoulos



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"The Schengen Treaty is founded on the principles of solidarity and responsibility. Any effort to cast this into doubt, casts these principles into doubt and this does not benefit anyone nor does it offer any solutions," EU Commissioner for Migration and Internal Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos said in a statement to "Kathimerini" newspaper.


The Commissioner noted that "the refugee crisis we are facing is unprecedented. And this does not only regard the host countries or the destination countries, but all Europe," adding that "despite the strong pressure on Greece, it is imperative to complete this effort that will give tangible results."

According to Avramopoulos, "the immediate and full implementation of the agreed measures, both in Greece and in all the member states, will strengthen the security of maritime boundaries and will restore control in the northern border, where non-unidentified migrants try to continue their trip to the north."

The Greek Commissioner in his statement stressed that "the Greek government is aware of the need to speed up procedures on the basis of the agreed timetables" and noted that until the meeting of 17 December the situation should have improved significantly in both sea and land borders of the country."

"I am optimistic that this will put an end to the speculations regarding the collapse of the Schengen area and Greece's exit from the Schengen area," Avramopoulos underlined.


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