27 April 2018

Greek Debt issue to be seriously discussed for the first time

20 July 15 | Michel Sapin
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The current prime minister Alexis Tsipras should not be regarded as responsible for all those not implemented in the past, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said in an inteview.


"The agreement puts the debt issue on the negotiation table for the first time ... we will work on a debt relief through restructuring," he said stressing the importance of solidarity and responsibility.

The French Finance Minister said that "the agreement reached last Monday was the best possible. It restores confidence and allows Greece to look to its future in the eurozone."

Asked on the role of France and his own role, he said: "I had said from the very first moment that an agreement should have been reached while respecting the Greek people's vote and our common framework."

Sapin noted that the programme that starts immediately will prove that the danger of a Grexit has been overcome.

"As regards the idea of a temporary exit, I always thought it was pointless," he noted and added: "Greece's position is and will be in the euro."

Asked on the recessionary measures of the agreement and how can contribute to Greece's economic growth, Sapin stated...

"First of all, the agreement made feasible a short-term solution that helps Greece meet its obligations...The agreement will ultimately be useful for Greece's growth.

The Greek economy certainly needs reforms and a serious fiscal policy."

Sapin also said that the agreement also provides for the disbursement of EU funds, including the so called Juncker plan, to boost investments in Greece.


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