17 July 2018

If rules won't be respected we'll alter our reaction

10 September 15 | Jean-Cl. Juncker
Jean-Cl. Juncker


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European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in his address before the European Parliament referred to the Greek issue.


"What agreed with Greece must be done," he said and added: "If the rules are not respected this time, then EU and eurozone's response will be different."

Regarding the negotiations, he said that the Commission has received criticism on the way it handled the Greek issue.

"The Commission has often received criticism from other member states over the way it was involved in the solution - although there is still no solution - of the Greek problem."

I was trying to explain to the then prime minister Alexis Tsipras, Juncker said, that there are 19 democracies in the eurozone and not only the Greek and that the Commission's task is to serve the general interest.

"Not getting involved in the Greek issue would be a big mistake and weakness. This had a huge cost for us and for me personally, but I could not leave everything in the hands of the technocrats.

We had to work hard, even during holidays," he underlined. "For us, Grexit is not an option; if it was, it would have already happened," he added. Juncker also said that the Greek issue is not only a fiscal issue; it is not only a structural problem, but a problem that has to do with Greece's growth perspectives.

"Greeks, even low income citizens, work hard so that their country can make progress.

Therefore, more respect is required," he stressed adding that the programme agreed must be respected by any Greek government.


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