18 July 2018

If the euro is destroyed, Europe will also be destroyed

19 March 15 | Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel



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Greece still has a difficult road ahead; German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday said adding that Greece has to understand that the help provided is an obligation for financial stability and reforms.


She cleared out that a solution should not be expected either at the meeting on Thursday in Brussels or in the meeting on Monday in Berlin as the Eurogroup and the agreement reached cannot be replaced.

"I have invited Alexis Tsipras to Berlin and I am glad about his coming here. We will have time to talk in detail and even discuss,"

Merkel said while addressing the German Parliament ahead of the European Council meeting.

"Nobody can expect a solution to Greece's problems at the meeting tonight in Brussels or at the meeting on Monday evening" as

"a solution to the problems can only exist based on what was jointly agreed at the Eurogroup.

No meeting between a few people can and will replace the Eurogroup agreement."

The Chancellor pointed out that Greece is far from leaving the crisis behind and has yet a very difficult road ahead.

"It is just as clear today as in 2010, when European partners gave Greece with a great political and economic effort the first aid package, that only with such a great effort can this be achieved...By making agreements that all can comply with,"

Merkel underlined and reiterated: "If the euro is destroyed, Europe will also be destroyed," because it is much more than a currency.

"Along with the European institutions it is the most powerful expression of our will to unite peacefully the people of Europe,"

she noted and concluded by saying that Europe managed to become from a continent of war a united Europe,

and this was achieved with creativity and adherence to the agreements, understanding and willingness to compromise.


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