16 July 2018

Better understanding and flexibility for those who need it

10 February 15 | Nikos Karamouzis
Nikos Karamouzis



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A new era; and the society itself demand us, banks, to handle responsibly the social saving without compartmentalization or any kind of self-seeking ambitions. Demand us to consistently fund the economy, innovation and development. Be responsible regarding our clientele’s anxieties and concerns especially those of who cannot afford meeting their obligations or repay their liabilities.
We are having tough times and our main interests should be focused in doing our best to lead our country out of stalemate, dangers and uncertainties that produces economic deadlocks and extreme uncertainty to the markets and their people.
Our first priority is to shield, strengthen and prepare Eurobank so as it successfully meets every challenge in today’s market conditions.
We need to put our vision for a private, humane, creative, customer driven and profitable bank into practice and enjoy a brighter future ahead. We envisage Eurobank to be a leading entity within the Greek banking system. A first-choice bank for employees, clients and investors which will be admired, trusted, respected and well recognised by its shareholders, society and markets.
In this important task Eurobank has by its side its esteemed shareholders and off course Fairfax Holdings and its President Mr. Prem Watsa; who has recently confirmed once more their commitment and trust to Eurobank’s prospects.
We will be unable to enjoy a successful banking presence within a society standing against and not with our side in such a domestic and international financial environment. People should not be suspicious about our intentions neither should be lacking of concern about our economic role. Our shareholders should not be uncertain about our future prospects and our personnel cannot be dissatisfied and stay aloof on the developments if we really desire achievements.
Nowadays, and more than ever before, it is necessary to build on stronger links with our clientele, our personnel and a society who fights for a better and brighter future. Eurobank should have a new collective course of action similarly to the collective moral and physical recognition of its success.


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