24 June 2018

"Europe has to decide the course that incorporates social change"

05 June 15 | Eucleides Tsakalotos
Eucleides Tsakalotos





If the eurozone is dissolved, it would create a very dangerous political situation in Europe, Alternate Minister for International Economic Relations Eucleid Tsakalotos told Channel 4 News in an interview with journalist Paul Mason published on Thursday.


Asked how close Greece is at defaulting, Tsakalotos said: “I think that if reason prevails, if people see how reasonable we’ve been, there’s every chance of having a good solution.”

"But Europe has to decide, it has to decide the democratic course, the flexible course, the course that incorporates social change, that incorporates ordinary people's aspirations for a sense of belonging... that democracy counts, that democracy can change things or it can decide that it's a rule-based institution for the rich," he added.

Commenting on the scenarios circulating in the markets that the government will fail to reach a deal with its creditors, the minister said that the mood is always volatile.

"The markets change from day to day, [they] are not stable on this and they can change from news and news affects it more than it should do from day to day because things don't change so quickly."

When Mason insisted on a possible timetable for an agreement, Tsakalotos said there will be a deal in the near future.

“There’s uncertainty. But we’re doing our best to reduce that uncertainty and we’re doing it exactly because we believe in a different kind of Europe.

"We’re systemically in favour of Europe, because we believe that a breakup of Europe, the breakup of Eurozone would lead to very nasty politics, to competitive devaluations, the kind of nationalisms we had in the interwar period and much worse.

So we’re not pro-Europe as a tactic, we’re pro-Europe as a strategy,” he noted.


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