24 April 2018

"Left policy is a realistic policy"

08 October 15 | Olga Gerovasili
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"The left policy is a realistic policy, with whatever measures needed regularly in laws that will serve the interests of the majority," government spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili said in an interview.


Gerovassili underlined that realism and sincerity are the main features of the left party. In another interview with ANT1, she said:

"Bad loans will not be sold to foreign funds. This is a commitment and it has been announced by Economy Minister Giorgos Stathakis."

She added that among the government's top priorities is the legislation on bad loans and the protection of first residence.

Gerovassili noted that the government is now obliged to immediately implement a first series of measures ahead of the first evaluation.

"This is very very important, this is the first important step, so that the debt issue opens after the evaluation along with the recapitalizations of the banks."

She also referred to the government's efforts to find equivalent measures for the 23 percent VAT on private education and expressed optimism that these will be found.

The government spokeswoman noted that the banks recapitalization that is expected to be successfully completed will put an end to the threat of a deposits haircut.

Regarding the new tax measures, she said that it will burden more those who were benefited in the previous years.


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