24 September 2018

NPLs' restructuring will be the key to restart the economy

08 April 16 | Luca Katseli
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An efficient management of non-performing loans -particularly business loans- could become a determine factor in the sustainability of enterprises in multiple ways, National Bank's chairman Luca Katseli said.


Addressing an event organized by QualityNet Foundation to present a Greek Sustainability Code, Katseli said that freeing capital which is currently been put aside to absorb possible damages and channeling them to the real economy was a driving force to boost investments, restart viable business units and increasing productivity in the country.

At the same time, a sustainable rescheduling of consumer and housing loans would allow the return of borrowers in the economy and to a normal banking behavior.

The Greek banker noted that channeling funds to the real economy with sustainable terms, requires the development of new innovative funding tools,

adjustable to the needs and particularities of each market, or sector. "We often see the phenomenon to have funds, to know the needs but to lack the tools bringing those to together," Katseli said.

She said that National Bank was emphasizing on supporting the sustainability of agricultural and livestock sector, promoting innovative development funding tools and stressed that the bank was launching a funding programme for shipbuilding companies. National Bank was also focusing on green economy.


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