25 March 2018

Chilling effect on the market new taxes

22 March 10 | Stratos Paradias
Stratos Paradias



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Antulio Richetta

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The property owners are ultimately the main victims of the tax reform that brings new tax bill.

The property owners are ultimately the main victims of the tax reform that brings new tax bill.

The combination of predatory escalation of the new F 'M' CA, with a higher income tax from the new tax scale with a heavy presumption "strict cost" of living and elimination of exemptions for repairs of buildings, etc., are real looting and mathematical precision, leading to a tax annihilation especially aprosodon property owners.

We note the five major falsehoods of the explanatory statement in relation to the provisions enshrined in the Bill:

• «Implementing an indexed single progressive tax scale for all incomes.

How is the same for all the new income level, where the rent (and only them) will be taxed at a higher rate than any other because it deleted the additional tax from 1.5 to 3%, which had previously been imposed prior to removal F 'M' AP?

• «Implementation of progressive taxation of large property.

It is not "Megaloidioktites" the many hundreds of thousands of taxpayers across the country that the real property exceeds € 400,000, and each year will pay incredible amounts will increase continuously. Nor is progressive, but simply predatory new tax bracket of FMAP! This tax will collapse, like the three previous times imposed after the first but, unfortunately, "demolish" the building, but the middle class of our country ...

• «Restore parental inheritance tax benefits to high tax-free.

There is a high tax-free the new tax-free amount of EUR 150,000, or a tax relief of 10% from the first euro on financial legacies.

• «Remove gratuitous tax cuts on income tax and capital.

There were "ex gratia" exemption for first home purchase but a social conquest, imposed even by the relevant constitutional provision, and not be faked, like the exemption from interest mortgage loan. The only positive is the acceptance of our proposal to extend the exemption to the warehouse and parking space. Nor was "ex gratia" or the exemption of 40% of the costs of repairing buildings being removed without justification with the bill.

• «introduced a simple and fair system of setting minimum living expenses according to the used assets.

The combination of the amounts of housing costs, car, etc. will result in very high over-taxation and ultimately unfair to many taxpayers who live in a house with a large area, and lead to further "vacant" and abandonment of such housing, and a presumption not only owners and their tenants!



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