24 May 2018

Schulz rules out Grexit to Europolitics magazine

17 March 15 | Martin Schulz
Martin Schulz



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"We'll have an agreement on Greece this week," European Parliament President Martin Schulz said in an interview with the magazine Europolitics published on Tuesday.


Schulz stressed that time was running short and the negotiations must be concluded, adding that "we cannot wait to reach a compromise".

"There is an agreement in principle within the Eurogroup.

Greece must submit proposals for the reforms, for the investment framework in the country and for reviving the economy...we are in the final phase of the negotiations.

We need a solution before the end of the month," he said.

Asked whether the EU should be preparing itself for the possibility of a Greek exit from the euro zone, Schulz ruled this course of action.

"No. If you want someone to remain in a family, you don't conduct studies on a possible exit.

We are working hard to keep Greece in the euro zone," he said, stressing that it was in the common interest of Europe for Greece to remain.

Schulz stressed that he was striving to help Greeks, especially the ordinary people that suffered the consequences of the irresponsibility that prevailed for years in the country,

as well as the lack of solidarity of the "very rich" that had sent their money abroad.

He also underlined that he wanted to help the Greek government, regardless which government was in power, to stay in the euro zone.

The European Parliament also underlined that "speculation at the expense of the euro has proved especially damaging,"

and that the line to be followed was simple: that Greece will remain in the euro and the door to speculation at the expense of the common currency will close.


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