23 April 2018

Undoubtedly difficult days ahead

01 July 15 | Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel



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Undoubtedly difficult days are before us but mostly for the Greek people, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated underlining that "the door is and will be open for negotiations with the Greek government".


She clarified, however, that "there can't be negotiation for a new support programme before the referendum."

Merkel put the blame for ‘unilateral’, as she said, interruption of the negotiations but, referring to the referendum she reiterated that it is the Greek government's right as well as the partners' right to have their own position on the issue.

"A compromise is possible only if the advantages are more than the disadvantages" and noted that there will not be a compromise only to have a result.

"Good European is not that who seeks a deal regardless of the cost" she stated adding that it will be decided later if there will be a compromise.

She reiterated that "Germany is going well in long term if Europe is going well".

Concluding her address to the German parliament, the Chancellor said that the stakes are very high -"people are watching us" she noted - but is does not refer to Europe's future which, as she said, would be set at risk if we forgot its values.

"Then euro would be destroyed and Europe as well". 


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