24 April 2018

We gave Greece an opportunity to return to growth

09 September 15 | Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel



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German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressing the Bundestag said "we made a comprehensive programme that offers to Greece the opportunity to return to growth and to create job positions based on the principle 'solidarity of mutual responsibility'" noting that the condition in the eurozone is better that a year ago.


"We are working very hard to overcome the European debt crisis.

This summer we formed a comprehensive programme that will offer an opportunity to Greece," she said.

Merkel noted that if we see eurozone as a whole we can say that there is economic recovery.

The economic condition is better than a year ago and particularly countries that made reforms as Spain and Ireland, are growing over the average.

Spain is growing now as quickly as before the crisis and we can say that the reform course was worth it."

Referring to the debt in the eurozone and in the European Union, the German Chancellor appeared optimistic over the fact that "the so-called debt ratio will fall at 94 pct of GDP in 2015 for the first time in the eurozone and at 88 pct in the European Union," she said.


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