20 July 2018

You would better stop playing with our future!

23 June 15 | Gianni Pittella
Gianni Pittella


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President of the European Socialists Gianni Pitella made a plea to Greece's creditors to make a final effort towards reaching of an agreement, in a press conference at the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday.


Pitella blamed "some conservative forces" that exist in Europe which, as he said, "want to politically humiliate Greece."

"I know that there are some conservative forces in Europe that are against the successful outcome of the negotiations with Greece," he stated noting that these forces are a minority and do not, in any case, represent the majority," adding that

"I would like to tell them to stop playing with our future. Because it is not only Greece's future at stake but our future also", said PES leader.

He also underlined that "whoever sabotages the negotiations with Greece sets EU and the eurozone in jeopardy and the ultimatums should stop.

Pitella said that it does not matter whether Tsipras or Brussels' austerity will win.

"What matters is that we need a political solution that will be sustainable for all the citizens, Greek and European.

If it fails, then we will all suffer from the damages."


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