22 April 2018
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Nominal debt haircut is more than a necessity

09 March 16 | Panagiotis Liargovas
Parliament's State Budget Office Prof. Panagiotis Liargovas noted that the Greek economy needs to adjust to the new global environment.

We need to comply with the Schengen Borders Code

07 March 16 | Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk outlined the points which will be the basis of the discussions in the March, 7 meeting.

We must support Greece!

02 March 16 | Angela Merkel
Merkel said she is in regular contact with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

What Greece is currently facing, is just not fair!

01 March 16 | Melissa Fleming
Melissa Fleming admitted that we are facing the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

We expect Greece to grow at 2,7% pace in 2017

26 February 16 | Pierre Moscovici
The steps been made since August “are encouraging and now we can turn our attention to completing the first review of the programme, the commissioner said.

Greek economy risks entering a "danger zone"

25 February 16 | Fessas Theodore
Hellenic Federation of Enterprises President noted a dangerous delay in the Greek economic programme review and said that the country is balancing on a tight rope.

Renzi advices SYRIZA to enter European Socialist Party

22 February 16 | Matteo Renzi
We supported Greece and we supported Europe, because without Greece, Europe would lose a priceless heritage.

Eurozone leaders willing to improve Greek debt sustainability

19 February 16 | Mario Draghi
The central banker said that International Monetary Fund (IMF) participation in Greece’s economic program is “highly desirable”.

It is not only the Greek banks but also the European

19 February 16 | Michalis Sallas
Commenting on this long-term strategy, Sallas said it should focus on further cutting expenses, closely monitoring earnings sources and focusing on the Greek market to establish their power.

Return to growth is directly linked to addressing NPLs issue

10 February 16 | Yiannis Stournaras
The central banker said that the distance needed to be covered to exit the crisis was relatively small.
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