17 July 2018
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Think in a way to give Greeks a prospect, not only "MoU terms"

05 November 15 | Franz Vranitzky
Austrian chancellor said that Europeans should work with the Greek government to mitigate the social impact on Greece's citizens and protect social cohesion in the country.

We are preparing the next step

04 November 15 | Pierre Moscovici
"By the end of the week the government has to take difficult decisions," Moscovici said and emphasized that his visit aims to prepare the next steps for the Greek case.

It is positive that Greek banks' capital needs are below €25B

02 November 15 | Juerg Weissgerber
We have to see first the plans of the Greek banks and then wait for the ECB's reaction," Weissgerber noted.

France will stand by Greece

23 October 15 | Francois Hollande
“The first message I wish to confer to the entire Greek people is that its own choice of responsibility and courage to remain in the Eurozone will allow it to return to growth,” President Hollande said.

US strongly support Greece on its efforts to be reformed

22 October 15 | Victoria Nuland
Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland was in Athens on Wednesday for talks with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

We've all got wiser and more realistic through the crisis

14 October 15 | Nikos Karamouzis
Eurobank's chairman said that Greece needs three fundamental changes to ensure the restart of economic activity.

"Left policy is a realistic policy"

08 October 15 | Olga Gerovasili
The government spokeswoman noted that the government is now obliged to immediately implement a first series of measures ahead of the first evaluation.

2015, could become the landmark in restarting Greek Economy

28 September 15 | Luca Katseli
National Bank's head, addressed herself to the annual Clinton Global Initiative Congress in New York.

The Greek problem has just been transferred to the future

22 September 15 | Joseph Stiglitz
The IMF has made clear that Greece cannot service its debt, the country needs a debt haircut, Nobel Prize winner economists insisted.

Agreed timetable applies despite the National Elections

17 September 15 | Martin Jaeger
The reforms provided in the third bailout will have to be implemented regardless the new government, German Finance ministry spokesman said.
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