15 August 2018
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Agreed timetable applies despite the National Elections

17 September 15 | Martin Jaeger
The reforms provided in the third bailout will have to be implemented regardless the new government, German Finance ministry spokesman said.

2016 Greek budget review a top priority for next disbursement

14 September 15 | Jeroen Dijsselbloem
No chances to further renegotiate the Greek memorandum but in terms of reviews, Eurogroup President said.

If rules won't be respected we'll alter our reaction

10 September 15 | Jean-Cl. Juncker
European Commission president sounded kind of strict while addressing himself to the European Parliament regarding the Greek issue.

We gave Greece an opportunity to return to growth

09 September 15 | Angela Merkel
German Chancellor addressing the Bundestag earlier today said that this summer EU formed a comprehensive programme that will offer an opportunity to Greece.

We need a New Deal for whole Europe

02 September 15 | Reinhard Buetikofer
German Greens co-chair of the European Green Party said that primary surplus targets for Greece are highly ambitious.

IMF would look at deeds not creeds!

30 July 15 | Cristine Lagarde
IMF’s Managing Director in its first ever press conference urged that a significant debt restructuring should take place for Greece.

The man who cost Greece €30 billion more

21 July 15 | Dina Kyriakidou
Tsipras' inability to cut a deal in early July has pushed up the cost of the latest bailout to 86 billion euros.

Greek Debt issue to be seriously discussed for the first time

20 July 15 | Michel Sapin
French Finance Minister said that Tsipras is not the only one responsible for the situation in the country...

We need to somehow restructure significantly the Greek Debt

16 July 15 | Cristine Lagarde
“Let's be clear, we do not reach the end of a process. It is a process that opens, on a very tight schedule with an enormous challenge,” IMF’s head clarified.

Tsipras got a worse than the initially proposed deal

14 July 15 | Martin Schulz
However European Parliament President commented that Tsipras is the strongest prime minister of the last decades.
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