24 May 2018
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The worst-case scenario will be avoided

04 May 15 | Vitor Constancio
European Central Bank Vice President ruled out in an interview to the Dutch Het Financieele Dagblad an unsuccessful outcome between Greece and its creditors.

You should remove obstacles on investing in Land & Property

30 April 15 | Reza Moghadam
Morgna Stanley’s executive Reza Moghadam in an event organized by IOBE argued that Greece needs to simplify its institutional framework.

ECB has No plans for a GREXIT

28 April 15 | Benoit Coeure
"The exit of Greece is not a scenario we are working on," Coeure was quoted as telling French magazine Alternatives Economiques.

SYRIZA Government has fooled Greek society

23 April 15 | Antonis Samaras
The country is currently standing at a dead end. Confronting European partners would be a catastrophic event.

Even if defaulted, Greece could not be expelled from the EU

21 April 15 | Vitor Constancio
No legislation in the EU allows a defaulted country to be expelled from the euro following a credit event.

Greece can avoid a Grexit

21 April 15 | Paul Krugman
Krugman explains his views for the situation in Greece and underlines that an agreement with creditors should pause austerity.

Global Economic Policy has to control investment bubbles

15 April 15 | Richard Barkham
The next US bubble to be in 2018 and it will be caused by development.

Policies introduced in Greece exacerbated inequalities

01 April 15 | Tassos Giannitsis
"The privileged protection of the public sector and political clientele groups" is one of the main factors that contributed the inequality.

We need to seek a descent compromise with partners

31 March 15 | Constantine Mihalos
Mr. Constantine Mihalos, emphasized that thousands of Greek companies are under the threat of a “sudden death” as long as an agreement with partners is pending.

Of Greeks and Germans: Re-imagining our shared future

20 March 15 | Yianis Varoufakis
Pr. Varoufakis in his blog today discusses how a common future for Greece and Germany is now possible. Of importance to immediately implement the February, 20 agreed measures.
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