25 May 2018
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We need more solidarity

14 September 16 | Jean-Cl. Juncker
Juncker proposes to have the size of his signature investment plan doubled to €630 billion.

The only realistic GDP growth target for Greece is 2%

02 September 16 | George Houliarakis
The country’s Finance ministry will launch a pilot programme to save funds which will pave the way for lower taxes and higher social spending.

Greece will stand still despite the financial crisis

01 September 16 | Michael Dukakis
Greek Americans always want to help Greece and stressed the need for European policy change, noting that prolonged austerity does not help.

Italy’s Fragile Beauty

29 August 16 | Beppe Severgnini
Floods and landslides have become more frequent and destructive, since small farmers stopped tending the hillsides and unscrupulous real estate developers replaced them.

Greek tourism gets a boost in 2016

19 August 16 | Andreas Andreadis
There are positive signals for Greek tourism in 2016, the president of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) said.

We have to strengthen our democracy

18 July 16 | Mehmet Y. Yilmaz
It is possible for this coup attempt to have caused a change in Erdoğan’s mentality.

Listed real estate, the asset class for the millennial investor

08 July 16 | Shaun Stevens
Given the current uncertainty in global capital markets and economies, we believe investors can earn higher returns by considering an allocation to listed real estate.

The 2016 Hotel Valuation Index

06 July 16 | Stephen Rushmore, Jr.
Each year, more than 80 HVS hotel experts conduct thousands of market studies, feasibility studies, and appraisal assignments for all types of hotels across the U.S.

Greek banks will suffer from new governance legislation restrictions

30 June 16 | Luca Katseli
The course towards sustainable profitability needs efficient and fast response to a series of challenges, Louka Katseli said.

Implications of UK' referendum on Greek economy

24 June 16 | Constantine Mihalos
SETE predicting that the sharp downward slide in the pound will also have a short-term impact on Britons' travel and consumer spending.
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