22 April 2018
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Greek current account balance deteriorates

20 April 18 |
However, the value of imports was higher than the value of exports, resulting in an increase in the deficit.

Greek merchant shipping fleet grew in numbers in February

19 April 18 |
The Greek fleet grew 0.7% in February to 1,855 ships, compared with the same month last year.

Industrial turnover index up 3,1% in February

19 April 18 |
The domestic market turnover index fell 0.5%, while the external market turnover index rose 7.6% in February.

Greek cash balance surplus lower than a year ago

18 April 18 |
In a report, the central bank said that the primary surplus was 1.85 billion euros in the first three months of the year from 2.18 billion in 2017.

Production in construction down by 0.5% in euro area

18 April 18 |
Down by 0.8% in EU28.

Greek state budget records €2,320B primary surplus

16 April 18 |
Tax returns totaled €1.079 billion, up €227 million from budget targets, while Public Investment Programme's revenue was €1.060 billion.
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