19 April 2018

Greek food exports to Sweden jump 37%

05 March 18 - RE+D Magazine
Greek food exports to Sweden jump 37%



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Exports of Greek food to Sweden represent around 37 pct of total Greek exports to the country, with export trends rising, the Greek embassy in Stockholm said in a report announced on Monday.


The embassy noted that a recent meeting held between with Svensk Dagligvaruhandel, the Swedish Food Traders Association, showed there was significant room for more Greek exports in the country.

The report showed that food trade turnover totaled 545 billion kronor or 57 billion euros in 2014, while the sector employs around 129,000 workers, of which 27 pct are below 25 years old.

The number of food retail outlets fell to 3,828 in 2015 from 5,356 in 2000 (a decline of 29 pct). The main volume of food stores (more than 90 pct) is located in southern part of the country.

Prices of basic goods - meat, dairy, eggs and vegetables - are rising less than an increase in incomes.

Sales of organic products grew to 6.0 pct in 2014 from 2.0 pct in 2014 (but appeared to stabilise around 7.0 pct in 2016 and 2017). Private label product sales grew to 23 pct in 2014 from 7.0 pct in 2004, while online sales accounted around 10 pct of total sales to 5.7 billion Kronor in 2016.


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