18 July 2018
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Greece issues 3month Tbills raises €812,5M

07 June 18 |
The interest rate of the issue was set at 0.70%.

Loan to deposits spread unchanged in April

04 June 18 |
The overall weighted average interest rate on all new deposits remained unchanged at 0.29%.

Greek economy expands by 2,3%yoy in 1Q2018

04 June 18 |
In the 1st quarter of 2018 the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in volume terms increased by 0.8 pct in comparison with the 4th quarter of 2017.

Greek PMI increase modestly in May

01 June 18 |
Greek manufacturers remained optimistic over production trends in the next year, the report said.

Retail sales volume up 1,5% in March

31 May 18 |
The retail sales turnover index (turnover in current prices) grew 1.2 pct in March from March 2017.

Greek private sector deposits up 870 mln euros in April

30 May 18 |
Corporate deposits increased by 866 million euros, compared with an increase of 151 million euros in the previous month.

Greek state budget records a primary surplus of €2.286B

24 May 18 |
Net revenue was €15.468B, up 8.1% from budget targets, while regular budget net revenue was €14.376Β, up 4.7% from targets.

Building materials' prices up 1.1% in April

24 May 18 |
The new home building materials price index grew 1.1 pct in April compared with the same month last year.

Greek shipping foreign exchange inflows reach €9.14B in 2017

24 May 18 |
The report noted that 20% of the global sea trade was plied by Greek-owned ships, with Greek shipping remaining the global leader.

Greek wholesale turnover index up 2,5%

23 May 18 |
The statistics service, in a report, said that the seasonally-adjusted index grew 0.4% in the first three months of 2018.
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