23 June 2018
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Road cargo transportation records and increase in 2016

23 January 17 |
Western Macedonia recorded the largest number of cargo transport, followed by Attica and Central Macedonia.

Public revenues receiving a boost from property taxes

23 January 17 |
Income and property tax revenue accounted for 21.9 pct of total general government revenue in the third quarter of 2016.

Current accounts deficit at €1,2B in November

20 January 17 |
The primary and the secondary income account also did not record any remarkable change.

Industrial turnover index jumps 2% in November

19 January 17 |
The domestic turnover index rose 3.9 pct in November, while the external market index fell 0.4 pct.

December 2016 was an inflationary month for Greece

18 January 17 |
Greek annual inflation rate was 0.3 pct in December 2016, from -0.2 pct in November, Eurostat said.

Industrial import price index up 3,1%

13 January 17 |
The index fell 0.4 pct in November from October 2016, after an 1.0 pct decline recorded in the same period in 2015.

Unemployment stubbornly at high levels

12 January 17 |
The statistics service said that the number of unemployed people totaled 1,102,335 in October.

Greek banks gradually disengaged from ELA

12 January 17 |
The reduction of 4.2 billion euros in the ceiling reflects an improvement of the liquidity situation of Greek banks.

Greek inflation stands well below 0%

11 January 17 |
The statistics service, in a report, said the consumer price index was unchanged in December.

Greece successfully auctions 3M Tbills

11 January 17 |
The interest rate of the issue was set at 2.70%, unchanged.
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