23 March 2018
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Current accounts record €3.1B deficit

21 June 16 |
The Greek current account balance improved by €1.2 billion in the January-April period this year.

Greek inflation rate plunges for another month

16 June 16 |
The EU executive's statistics agency, in a report released here, said that the inflation rate in the Eurozone was -0.1 pct in May.

Unemployment stubbornly elevated in 1Q2016

16 June 16 |
The number of unemployed people grew 1.7 pct compared with the fourth quarter of 2015.

Museum revenues fall 11,2% in February

15 June 16 |
Number of free admission visitors in February increased by 26.4%.

Greece issues 3month T-bill, raises €1,3B

15 June 16 |
The interest rate of the issue was set at 2.7%, unchanged.

Building activity downfall continues in March

13 June 16 |
The statistics service, in a report, said that building permits issued in March fell 11.6%.

Unemployment eases to 24,1% in March

09 June 16 |
The number of unemployed people in the country totaled 1,153,232, with the unemployment rate in the 15-24 age group at 50.4%.

Greek deflation party

09 June 16 |
The Greek economy in a deflation trend for 39th successive month in May.

Industrial production up 2,8% in April

09 June 16 |
The industrial production index grew 0.2% on average in the first four months of 2016.

Eurostat: Greek GDP shrinks 0,5% in 1Q2016

07 June 16 |
Eurozone economy grew 0.6 pct in the first quarter and the EU-28 grew by 0.5 pct in the same period.
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