22 May 2018
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Greek industrial turnover index up 3,4% in March

21 May 18 |
The industrial turnover index jumped 21.4 pct in March from February 2018.

Greek current account deficit modestly up on 1Q2018

21 May 18 |
The deficit of the balance of goods declined due to an improvement in the oil balance, as oil exports rose by 16.1% at current prices.

OAED: Registered unemployment down 5.48% in April

18 May 18 |
In April, registered unemployed totaled 837,270, of which 487,870 (or around 60 pct) were registered for a period of more than 12 months.

Greek state budget primary surplus at €2,334B

14 May 18 |
The Finance ministry in a report on budget execution, on an amended cash basis, said the state budget showed a surplus of 193 million euros in the four-month period.
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