26 April 2018

Disney to build a Westworld for... Star Wars fans

17 July 17 - RE+D Magazine
Disney to build a Westworld for... Star Wars fans


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Disney offered several new details about its themed expansion land Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It was a much briefer announcement, confirming rumors that the company was working on an immersive, themed hotel set in George Lucas’ universe, that offered perhaps the most intriguing hint of where the company sees its parks and resorts businesses going, according to


Basically, Disney wants to build a Westworld for Star Wars fans. The park’s environment would be a Disney World hotel, designed to look like a massive starship, with views of outer space from every window.

But it wouldn’t just be a place for lodging on the way to Galaxy’s Edge; it would be an area where guests could have actual interactive experiences as part of a narrative storyline.

Guests wouldn’t wear flip-flops and shorts; they’d wear Star Wars costumes. They wouldn’t deal with hotel employees; they’d interact with Star Wars creatures and droids.

And over the course of their stay, the story would unfold around them through a series of story moments and interactions, letting them fall completely into a fictional world. 

It sounds like the ultimate dream for any Star Wars geek or immersive entertainment fan, and while the project is still in development it’s easy to see how this kind of closed-loop entertainment environment fits neatly within the expertise Disney has spent decades building.


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