23 April 2018
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333 Kent Street office tower was sold for ...$88,888,888

29 September 16 | Irene Theofanidou
iProsperity Group, an Australian-based advisory firm, has partnered with the China-based Bridge Capital and placed the bid.

UK house prices grow 8,2% in August

27 September 16 |
Bristol saw the fastest level of annual growth in August at 13.1%, followed by London, which was up 10.4%.

Deutsche Bank's share price sank to record lows

26 September 16 |
The stock's dramatic dip - to its lowest level since 1992, according to Bloomberg.

Aldi invests £300M in its stores

26 September 16 |
Record results for the company back up its plans to open 70 new stores in 2017 as part of its plan to reach 1,000 by 2022.

Hilton Grand Place Brussels was acquired by Pandox

26 September 16 | Irene Theofanidou
The purchase price amounts to €55 million, corresponding to approximately SEK525 million.

The Great Wall of China was restored...

23 September 16 |
Reports said sand and other materials were poured on top, protecting it but giving it a weird appearance.

Inditex profits soar in the first half of 2016

23 September 16 |
The Spanish group, the world’s biggest clothing retailer, reported an 8% increase in net profits.

Colliers disposes the historic "Windermere House Resort"

22 September 16 |
The Victorian structure was built in 1870 and remains one of the oldest landmarks in Muskoka.

These are Brangelinas' properties at stake

22 September 16 | Irene Theofanidou
Given their recent decision to get a divorce their common wealth and all their luxurious properties are currently at stake.

Brangelinas' Big Easy mansion sell price slashed

21 September 16 | Irene Theofanidou
The couple has recently filed for divorce after 12 years together and two in marriage.
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