18 March 2018
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Long live the... Logistics

25 August 16 |
According to a new index by CBRE logistics outperformed the wider industrial sector and all-property, which saw returns of 3.6% and 3%, respectively.

Caixa a secures €2,7 billion recapitalization agreement

25 August 16 |
The European Commission said Portuguese authorities are to inject €2.7 billion into CGD.

Aristo disposes off 270 title deeds

25 August 16 |
The transfer of title deeds to existing Aristo Developers’ homeowners amounted to 330 for the first six months of 2016.

Paris office market rebounds

25 August 16 | Irene Theofanidou
Cheap rents have companies flocking to La Défense, the Paris business district.

The grim reality for the UK property market

24 August 16 |
Figures by the British Bankers' Association suggested house prices could fall another five per cent in 2017 after an ease back in the end of 2016.

Tekfen sings agreement for a highway project in Qatar

24 August 16 |
The project will be 34 kilometers in length with 10 divided highway lanes and various intersections.

Properties around Europe that worth €200.000

24 August 16 | Irene Theofanidou
UK house prices are among the most expensive in Europe.

Housebuilder Persimmon reports 29% jump in profits

23 August 16 |
Pre-tax profits in the six months to the end of June were £352.3 million.

Edinburgh rules UK's commercial property market

23 August 16 | Irene Theofanidou
In the run-up to the referendum Edinburgh continued to be the most attractive British location for commercial property investment outside London.

CNBM takes over smaller rival Sinoma

22 August 16 |
China National Building Materials Group deal was given the go-ahead by the State Council, China's cabinet.
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