22 July 2018
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Leonardo DiCaprio Bought a Storybook Home From Moby

03 May 18 | RE+D magazine
Enveloped by tall pine trees, the 4,464-square-foot home was recently molded into a luxe hideaway by Moby.

Greek economy is expected to grow by 1.9% in 2018

03 May 18 | RE+D magazine
European Commission has adjusted its forecasts for Greece which were revised slightly downwards compared with its previous forecast.

Greek listed firms recorded soaring after tax earnings in 2017

02 May 18 | RE+D magazine
The report, based on the balance sheets of 180 listed companies in the Athens Stock Exchange, showed that accumulated turnover totaled 66.42 billion euros in 2017.

On Iran and North Korea, Trump prepares to screw everything up

02 May 18 | Paul Waldman
There are some arguments so dumb only Trump could take them seriously.

New road in Sweden charges electric cars as they drive along it

02 May 18 | RE+D magazine
The track has been installed on a road between a cargo terminal close to Stockholm's Arlanda airport and the nearby Rosersberg logistics area.

DESFA's new owner intends to upgrade the operator

30 April 18 | RE+D magazine
SNAM's final financial contribution amounted to €535 million, while the net proceeds from the privatization programme amounted to €251.28 million.

Mid-season spring sales from May,2

30 April 18 | RE+D magazine
Shops will also be open on Sunday, May 6, from 11:00 to 20:00.

Samaria Gorge to open for prospective visitors

30 April 18 | RE+D magazine
Visitors are only allowed to walk along the central path and never leave it under any circumstances.

Ships to remain docked on May, 1

30 April 18 | RE+D magazine
The Panhellenic Union of Tugs and Lifeguards, as well as dock workers, are also participating in the Labour Day strike.

Total credit growth rate was negative in March

30 April 18 | RE+D magazine
The annual growth rate of total deposits stood at 8.7 pct from 7.7 pct in the previous month, while the monthly net flow was positive at €786 million.
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