22 March 2018
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In talks to adopt electronic toll system in Egnatia

22 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The system in particular relating to Egnatia Odos, the main highway crossing northern Greece, may be ready within 2018.

New legislation on mortgage non-payers is being prepared

22 December 17 | RE+D magazine
PM has ordered banks to examine the files and cases involving bad debtors owing very large sums,Minister Papadimitriou said.

Prices for building materials rise 1% in November

22 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The index grew 0.1% in November from October 2017, after a rise recorded in the same period in 2016.

Bomb explodes outside the Appeals Court in Athens

22 December 17 | RE+D magazine
Counter-terrorism police and forensics investigators are at the crime scene looking for evidence.

How will real estate market evolve in 2018?

22 December 17 | RE+D magazine
Germany is set to see some of the lowest average total returns between 2018 and 2021.

B.Sinatra’s California mansion was sold

22 December 17 | Ειρήνη Θεοφανίδου
The three-bedroom house in Rancho Mirage, a golf town and popular escape for past presidents and celebrities, went into contract.

The finance ministry deploys lottery based tax cuts

22 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The first lottery, for October receipts, was held on November 30, with another 1,000 taxpayers winning €1,000 each.

IPS mechanism will be available for 2 more years

22 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The IPS mechanism is open to domestic industrial plants with a capacity greater than 3MW that are large consumers of power and helps them restrict their costs.

Lampsa inks agreement to purchase King George

21 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The hotel had been leased to Lampsa SA since 2013 and operated under joint management with the neighboring luxury hotel Grande Bretagne.

67% stake in OLP was sold to SEGT consortium

21 December 17 | RE+D magazine
The consortium consists of the preferred bidder Deutsche Invest Equity Partners GmbH, Belterra Investments Ltd. and Terminal Link SAS.
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