17 March 2018
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Moody's: loosening of capital controls in Greece a credit positive event

05 March 18 | RE+D magazine
In a report, the credit rating agency said that "the improving economic outlook of Greece allowed a loosening of capital controls and possibly will strengthen a still weak confidence in banks.

Spain's Sabadell sees profitability rising 80 pct in 3 years

05 March 18 | RE+D magazine
Sabadell expects ROTE to rise to 13 percent over 2017-2020

Greek food exports to Sweden jump 37%

05 March 18 | RE+D magazine
The report showed that food trade turnover totaled 545 billion kronor or 57 billion euros in 2014, while the sector employs around 129,000 workers, of which 27 pct are below 25 years old.

Railway routes cancellations in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras

05 March 18 | RE+D magazine
According to the Panhellenic Railway Employees Federation, three-hour work stoppages will be held on Monday.

Home insurance practices jump in Greece

05 March 18 |
Based on the statistical study of the claims’ evolution over the last five years, it appears that, on average, the claims increase by the end of the second year at a rate of 1.92.

Barings enhances its global debt platform

02 March 18 | RE+D magazine
The world’s largest diversified real estate investment managers, announced that it has appointed Daniel Köhler as Director of Debt Capital Markets, Structured Real Estate Investments in Europe.

Deutsche Bank partially floats DWS

02 March 18 | RE+D magazine
The minority initial public offering of DWS would provide the company with greater operational flexibility to control costs.

RPMI joins Alaska and Kuwait public funds in alternatives

02 March 18 |
The three investors–including the €53.6billion Alaska Permanent Fund and the PIFSS of Kuwait–have committed an initial $700M.

Mobile banking gains a lead amongst other services

02 March 18 | RE+D magazine
The number of active mobile banking customers in Greece surpassed one million in 2017 from around 550,000 in the previous year.

DEPA inks financing agreement with EIB

02 March 18 | RE+D magazine
The EIB's loan totals 48 million euros, has a grace period of four years and must be repaid in 20 years.
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