23 May 2018
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Greek public debt sustainability in Eurogroup's agenda

06 May 16 |
Discussions will focus on the comprehensive package of policy reforms and the sustainability the public debt.

Greek state auctions private TV licenses

13 April 16 |
Initial bid set at €3 million according to the relevant joint ministerial decision.

Greeks abroad can now have access to online consular services

11 April 16 |
Greeks living abroad to request and receive official certificates online from the country’s consular offices.

Initiatives to promote the use of plastic money

29 March 16 |
The finance ministry will table a draft bill in the next 10 days extending and encouraging the use of debit and credit cards, Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said.

Free access to archaeological venues for 150.000 families

09 March 16 |
The measure will benefit an estimated 400,000 individuals living on less than €400 a month.

Bank deposits in Greece are secured by law

04 March 16 |
The Greek parliament has voted in favor of Finance Ministry’s draft bill on a deposits guarantees scheme.

Academic and research financing subjected to a new legal framework

03 March 16 |
According to the Alternate Minister for Research and Innovation, Costas Fotakis, €240 million will be available to support research during 2016-2018.

Pension ceilings are to be adopted in Greece

01 March 16 |
The ceiling is expected to be set at €2,304 some hundred euros less than €2,773 which is the current minimum.

State submits draft law to enhance transparency in financial institutions

24 February 16 |
The banks’ management and other financial sector’s entities to publish all their spending on sponsorships and advertising.

Greek pensions are a matter of European Welfare

28 January 16 |
Labour Minister Giorgos Katrougalos addressed himself to the European Parliament’s Working Group on the Greek program.
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