24 April 2018
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Greek Minimum Wage to be increased within 2015

07 April 15 |
Minister Skourletis invites social partners to trilateral discussions on minimum wage and collective bargaining issues.

"Regulations for restarting the economy"

23 March 15 |
The 100 installments scheme, companies' taxation and Paraktio Attiko Metopo S.A. operations were included in the bill that was passed in parliament late Friday night.

Greek public tenders procedures will be reformed

23 March 15 |
Alternate Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas in an Economic Chamber's of Greece event emphasized that the sketchy public tenders shall be history for the Greek state.

€2,57B available to Greek municipalities in 2015

20 March 15 |
According to Alternate Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas, during 2014 returns and subsidies to municipalities totaled 2,74 billion euros.

Humanitarian Bill is not negotiated with EU partners

18 March 15 |
Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism Minister George Stathakis clarified, inter alias, that the measures to fight humanitarian crisis in Greece are above all.

Debt relief for SMEs - business NPLs in legislators' scope

17 March 15 |
Among measures to support SMEs government designs a developmental bank or investment fund via the merger of existing state structures, Minister Stathakis said.

Save the date for an up to 100pct write-off

13 March 15 |
An amendment was tabled to relieve taxpayers willing to settle overdue taxes. Better use of publically held capital also included.

Humanitarian crisis Bill was approved in Greek parliament

11 March 15 |
Five out of seven parliament parties voted in favor of the humanitarian bill, Potami reserved the right to vote on a later stage.

Min.Stratoulis builds on Min.Fotiou's humanitarian declaration

10 March 15 |
Alternate Social Insurance Minister said that OGA's €360 pension will be tabled for parliamentary discussion before Easter.

Ms Fotiou declares a wide range of rent bonuses

09 March 15 |
Alternate Minister for Social Solidary, Theano Fotiou announced a humanitarian aid draft bill. 30.000households affected. Rent bonuses between €70-220€
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