22 July 2018
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New type of construction material made by fungi

12 July 18 | Styliani Rouchota
It’s cheaper than synthetic plastics or engineered wood, and reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Paper Will be Made Out of Elephant and Cow Poop

26 March 18 |
Dr. Alexander Bismarck realized one day that goat excrement is partially digested plant material — and where there’s plant material, there’s paper.

Water Futures aims to develop better designs for drinking

18 December 17 |
Tackling issues from plastic-bottle pollution to provision in remote areas, the Water Futures programme will kick off in Spring 2018 as part of A/D/O's Design Academy.

M.A.Di shall be your 7 hours to build home

23 November 17 |
Building the house is as simple as unfolding each module, pitching the roof, and adding interior walls and flooring and windows.

L&G presents its first modular housing prototype

07 August 17 |
Exploring a range of designs, L&G expects to deliver its first homes in the first half of next year.

Plastic made from sugar and carbon dioxide

22 June 17 |
Polycarbonate is used to make drinks bottles, lenses for glasses and in scratch-resistant coatings for phones, CDs and DVDs.

Mind blowing housing idea

02 March 17 | Styliani Rouchota
This tiny self-inflating home will actually fold up and fit into your pocket.

Innovations with potential to save us from climate change

08 November 16 | Styliani Rouchota
Making plastic out of air and self-healing concrete are some of the radical attempts to change the deteriorating evolution of climate

Tesla introduces new "solar roofs"

01 November 16 |
The plan is for Panasonic to produce the solar cells and for Tesla to put together the glass tiles and everything that goes along with them.

Prices for building materials drop 1,7% in August

23 September 16 |
The composite index fell 0.2% in August from July after a 0.2% decline recorded in the same period last year.
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