22 April 2018


11 February 15 - RE+D Magazine


Following yesterday's announcement made by the Minister of Reconstruction of Production, Environment and Energy, Mr. Panagiotis Lafazanis, in the Greek Parliament, regarding the acquisition of the former airport of Hellinikon and more specifically his reference that "The acquisition of Hellinikon was scandalous and the development plans are extremely anti- environmental. We will re-examine this scandalous acquisition aiming to its’ cancellation", LAMDA Development is obliged to make the following statement


The statements of Minister Mr Panagiotis Lafazanis that have been made in the context of the reading of the government policy statements of the new government and more specifically the reference of "the scandalous acquisition" ignore an absolutely legitimate procedure that was based on the related laws as well as the fact that the relevant contract that was signed stands under the irrevocable decision / approval of the Court of Audit, which is anticipated and we shall fully respect. These statements also incriminate LAMDA Development, which fully complied to the governing law and functioned in the context of an international bidding procedure for a period of more than two years, investing millions of euros in order to put together and submit jointly with other significant international investors, a contemporary development plan for the area of the former airport, contributing to the growth of our country's economy and the confrontation of the huge issue of unemployment. The statements of Mr P. Lafazanis send a discouraging message to the long term private international investors that our country desperately needs.
The reference of Mr P. Lafazanis regarding "the extreme anti-environmental development" by the investors tends to ignore the importance of the project, which primarily aims to upgrade the quality of life in the wider area through the development of one of the largest worldwide metropolitan parks of greenery and recreation, which will redefine Athens environmentally. Needless to mention more than 13 years of complete abandonment, contamination of the environment and the subsoil, millions of sq.m. of cement and an abundance of illegal uses that are unfortunately part of the existing situation.

The democratic spirit that governs the newly elected government would unquestionably necessitate the dialogue and consultation and not unilateral statements as this one. LAMDA Development remains committed to the necessity to continue the dialogue and the fruitful consultation with the Greek State regarding the Hellinikon project. 


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