21 June 2018

The super market of the future opens in Milan

14 December 16 | RE+D Magazine


The super market of the future opens in Milan
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Coop Italia
Carlo Ratti Associati
Award-winning technology developed by Carlo Ratti Associati at World Expo 2015 makes it into the real world in new flagship store of Italy’s largest supermarket chain.


The shop in Milan uses interactive tables, smart shelves and real time data visualizations to promote more informed consumption.

The Supermarket of the Future, a large grocery store featuring pioneering digital solutions developed by Carlo Ratti Associati, opens this week in Milan, Italy. The new store was built by Coop Italia, Italy's largest supermarket chain.

It extends over a surface of 1,000 square meters (10,800 square feet) and employs technologies first presented in a prototypical version by Carlo Ratti Associati at Milan’s World Expo 2015, in the framework of Coop Italia’s Future Food District pavilion.

The Supermarket of the Future represents a further step in Carlo Ratti Associati’s exploration of how data can promote more informed – and hopefully more sustainable – consumption patterns. It incorporates facilities such as interactive food tables, smart shelves and real time data visualizations, which will provide shoppers with facts about the origins and characteristics of particular foodstuffs.

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