23 May 2018

NBG Pangaea REIC declares a dividend payment

13 December 17 - RE+D Magazine
NBG Pangaea REIC declares a dividend payment





Aristotelis Karytinos

CEO of NBG Pangaea REIC NBG Pangaea REIC
NBG Pangaea REIC announces that the Company’s Board of Directors, during today’s meeting decided to distribute an interim dividend of €0.09 per share (net), which is part of the dividend for the fiscal year 2017, and resolved upon the following details: As of Thursday, December 21, 2017, the shares will be traded on the Athens Stock Exchange without the right to interim dividend (cut-off date).


Beneficiaries of the interim dividend are the shareholders of the Company, who are recorded in the  Register  of  Dematerialised  Securities  System  (DSS),  on Friday,  December 22,  2017 (record date). The payment of interim dividend will commence on Friday, December 29 2017, through:

  • Τhe paying bank “National Bank of Greece S.A.” (“NBG”), for the shareholders who  have provided dividend payment details in Greece and/or abroad, as follows:
  1. Through the operators of securities accounts held in the DSS through the massive credit procedure via  the  local  payment  systems  (Ermis  or  Dias)  into  accounts  held  in NBG or accounts held in other banks.
  2. Through  the  automatic  massive  credit  procedure  through NBG’s systems,according  to which,  any  beneficiary  shareholder  who  has  set NBG as  Operator  (Codeof  Operator: 552) and holds a linked deposit account in NBG, it is directly and automatically credited through the system.
  3. Through  the  branch  network  of NBG for  the  shareholders  who  have  not  required the collection  of  dividends  from  their  operator  (or  have  revoked  the  relevant authorization to  the  operator,  or  for  whom  the  collection  of  dividend  by  their  operator was  not possible).  Shareholders  may  collect  their  interim  dividends  from  any  branch upon presentation of their Identity Card and the printed details of the Code Number DSS.
  • The paying bank “INTESA SAN PAOLO S.P.A.” for the shareholders who have interim dividend payment details abroad. Dividends not collected within five (5) years are prescribed to the Hellenic State.

For more information, the Company’s shareholders are requested to contact NBG’s Capital  & Financial  Markets  Services  Department  of  NBG,  Division  of  Underwritings  & Special  Operations, 68, Akadimias str., 106 78, Athens, Greece (tel.: +30 210 9477708 and +30 210 9477713).



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