25 April 2018

Greece needs a national mineral raw materials national policy

12 July 17 - RE+D Magazine
Greece needs a national mineral raw materials national policy


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Greece needs to implement a national policy on the use of mineral raw materials, as the industry can be a driving force for the recovery of the economy by attracting investment that will create direct and indirect high-tech jobs and ongoing further training, the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises and Industries (SEV) said on Tuesday.


In a report, SEV highlighted the value of the country's mineral wealth by noting that the list of materials critical to the supply chain drafted by the EU, includes mineral wealth of Greece, such as magnesium and magnesite. Significant opportunities for the economy also provide the development of secondary manufacturing following mining.

In addition, significant mineral deposits often exist in the vicinity of the coastline, which reduces transport costs and facilitates recovery and exports. Already Greece is ranked first in the share of the export value of the mining industry in terms of total export value of EU member states, with a share of over 5 pct in the total exports of goods.

Aluminum (300 million euros in 2015) top the list of export products, followed by nickel (192 million in 2015) and alumina (110 million), while in many cases of other mineral raw materials, the dynamism of exports has increased significantly in recent years with an example of marble.

According to the SEV, a national policy should

  • set the framework and priorities for the exploitation of mineral wealth
  • include the exploitation of mineral wealth in the overall spatial planning and infrastructure design
  • to ensure the identification of further valuable assets and their exploitation
  • using every technological development
  • to develop a modern licensing framework
  • to proceed with the improvement and approval of the Law Quarry Law and the modernization of the Mining Code and
  • to ensure adequate resources and organizational infrastructure in the relevant administrations through the use of appropriately trained external evaluators, as ensuring legitimacy is a critical requirement for sustainable development.


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